Property Development Finance

Property development finance can be sourced for experienced property developers and private builders. Applicants need to be able to confirm they have previous experience in undertaking developments of the size that are seeking funding on. i.e. They have bought either land or buildings in the past, developed the site and then on sold or converted successfully onto Buy to Let finance or other Property Investment Mortgage.

We do have lenders that will look at proposition whereby there is a strong build team in the background that will work with you if you have not done a development in your own name in the past.

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Property Development Finance is available for:

  • Commercial development (Pre-let or Pre-sold agreements are normally required)
  • Residential development finance (New Build, Conversions and Extensions)
  • Mixed development of Residential and Commercial (Pre-let or Pre-sold agreements are normally required)
  • Property Trading (Acquisition, Refurbishment and Onward Sale).


  • Loan Size £100,000 - £5 million
  • Term Up to 12 months
  • Longer terms available in line with project timescales
  • Loans towards land purchase or repayment of existing debt, available depending on project.
  • 100% of build costs
  • In general, overall lending not to exceed up to 65% of the end value, including interest roll up.
  • Lender's surveyor will monitor work done, costs and timetable.
  • Stage payments are usually released on monthly certification in arrears.
  • Sites to have detailed planning in place before purchase of land and drawdown of build costs loan.
  • As a guide, projects should show a minimum of 25% profit on cost.

Applications to Lenders

All Property Development Finance cases are supported by professionally prepared credit applications, thereby significantly enhancing the chances of our clients securing the optimum financial package. In the current lending climate, it pays to have your application put together by industry experts, who know what lenders are looking for.

Information Required

Also see our Property Development Funding website.

Broker Fees

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not believe in up front charges. Our fees are only payable when our client has received a formal offer of finance.

Please call and speak to one of our Property Funding Consultants on 0844 4144372 to discuss your proposition or complete our Enquiry Form

1. Property Development Facility - £1,000,000

Area - Development Facility for 9 houses in the Cotswolds

The client owned a Residential Care Home, which had closed down because it was not "fit for the future".

Planning permission was obtained for a Residential Housing Development which involved demolishing part of the existing Home and converting the remainder into two units, plus seven new build units in the grounds. The client's Project Manager was formerly the Commercial Director of one of the large building plc's.

Residential Commercial Mortgage Solution

  • Facility agreed of £1,000,000 covered 100% of development costs.
  • Bank base rate plus margin 4%.

2. Property Development Facility - £2,000,000

Area - Development facility to build 20 self-contained, 5-bedroom flats for the student market in Leicester

Client is converting his existing factory unit into flats and also building a new block of flats on land he owns adjacent to the factory. The property is in a prime location, opposite a major University.

The client's existing bankers were only prepared to fund the development on a phased basis. Our deal enabled the client to build out in one operation, saving considerably on build costs.

Residential Commercial Mortgage Solution

  • A 15 year repayment facility was agreed at bank base plus margin 2%