Property Investment Loans

These type of loans or mortgages cover both first-time landlords looking to acquire their first Buy to Let property or an experienced Landlord wanting to add to their Buy to Let Portfolio.  Experienced landlords may also wish to broaden their property holdings and purchase a semi commercial (E.g. Retail Shop with separate flat above) property or a commercial property, such as offices or an industrial unit.

Buy to Let Residential Property Investment can cover different types of properties from a simple 1 bed flat to a 3-bed detached house.  It can also cover a block of flats with separate tenants or a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), where several tenants are in occupation but have their own separate rooms and then share communal facilities such as a kitchen or living area.  HMO Property Investors tend to be experienced landlords with several existing But to Let properties and investors need to be aware of their legal responsibilities with this type of property.  Lenders are looking for previous experience when assessing HMO Buy to Let Applications.  They will expect any appropriate licenses to be in place to meet statutory legal requirements along with any additional licenses required by the local authority, where the HMO is situated.

Lenders will usually expect Applicants to have previous experience in owning Semi Commercial and Commercial Investment properties before agreeing a mortgage or loan, for this type of property.  However, if Applicants have existing Buy to Let properties or a separate income other than their rental income, there are lenders that will look favourable on this type of Applicant.

Information Required

The amount of any proposed loan or mortgage will depend on the passing rent and the value of the property and whether the Applicant requires a repayment mortgage or interest only.  Our highly experienced Property Funding Consultants will talk through your requirements to find a mortgage or loan to meet your needs, but as a starting point we will require the property address, property value and proposed rent

Applications to Lenders

All Property Investment Loan cases are supported by professionally prepared credit applications, thereby significantly enhancing the chances of our clients securing the optimum financial package. In the current lending climate, it pays to have your application put together by industry experts, who know what lenders are looking for.

Broker Fees

We do not charge upfront. Our fees are only payable when our client has received a formal offer of finance

Please call and speak to one of our Property Funding Consultants on 0844 4144372 to discuss your proposition or complete our Enquiry Form

Case Study 1. Investment Property Portfolio - £525,000

Area - Investment Property Portfolio, value £690,000 covering Leicester

Mix of retail, factory and residential. Total rental income £103,000 per annum. Our deal enabled our client to go out and purchase 3 more Commercial Properties. His existing funder felt this was too big a jump in one go and was only prepared to fund one acquisition.

Residential Investment Mortgage Solution

  • Sterling arranged a mortgage of £460,000 over a 15-year repayment period, at LIBOR plus margin 5.4%.

Our deal had the joint benefits of allowing the client to expand at a faster pace and provided him with a longer repayment period.

Case Study 2. Residential Investment Portfolio - £1,500,000

Area - Investment Property Portfolio in North London, mix of houses and flats.

With the rise in property values over the last 3 years, our client was eager to utilise the equity in his existing portfolio to go out and purchase more residential property.
The client's existing bank did not come up with a particularly attractive package.

Residential Commercial Mortgage Solution

  • Sterling arranged a Facility of £1,500,000 over 20 years with an initial interest only period of 24 months. Bank base rate plus margin 1.5%.